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We believe that there is room for faith, doubt, questions and exploration about the nature of God as revealed in humanity. We also believe that there is a place for science, philosophy and reason within the frame work of our faith. We also welcome more creative aspects of life and believe there is a place for art and creativity. Our worship is reflective of our communities and often includes a relationship with the farming community.

Our worship varies from the traditional to the exploratory, and leaves room for silence, reflection, thought provoking prayers and sermons as well as soul rousing music. We also have special services in the Celtic Christian Tradition.

We are not here to judge you and we are not here to tell you how to live life. What we do offer is an engaged spirituality with Jesus at the centre. This can look within the traditions of the church but also explore developing theologies that seek the more mystical aspects of Jesus teachings.

We also strive to have the Bible and the modern world in conversation with each other, as we believe that the nature of humanity we see today is also reflected in the Bible. For us this is not only a moral teaching but a means to become more spiritually evolved people that can change the world for the better.

Our chapels are not limited to Sunday worship services. We are working towards offering different ways of being church while maintaining our Christian identity. This could mean shorter and more focussed worship services through the week that include prayers for healing or social justice services.


What should I wear?
Whatever you like as long as you are comfortable!

I'm not a member. Can I take Communion?
Yes. Anyone who professes their faith in Jesus Christ (even a faith that is developing or being questioned) is welcome to take Communion. Children are welcomed at The Table.

Why do Methodists not serve alcoholic wine? Jesus drank wine, so why don't Methodists serve wine?
We serve wine that does not have alcohol because we believe that Communion should be available for all. Some folks struggle with how much alcohol they consume. We want to include everyone. This is a concern for equality and inclusivity.

I'm part of the LGBTQ+ Community. Can I come to church?
Yes, all are welcome and included at our chapels, regardless of sexual orientation.

I'm scientifically minded. Is there room for my understanding of science in your chapel?
Yes and you may be surprised to find out that our minister often incorporates simple science into sermons. There is a whole movement called Scientists in Congregations, too!

I'm not sure what I believe. Can I still come to chapel? I don't want to be judged.
No one wants to be judged! Our chapels have room for doubt, curiosity about faith, questions, developing faith and wherever you may be on your faith journey. We offer an opportunity to explore spirituality and ask the big questions of life.

I want to come to church but I can't stand seeing Christians being hypocritical.
Neither can we! We believe that these situations require accountability- in legal courts and within the church. All our leaders are safeguarded and are also accountable to one another for our behaviour. When we fail to live our Christian life, it affects the whole body of Christ and the image of Christians around the world.

If I come to church will I be asked to do anything?
Not unless you want to. We won't ask you to volunteer or lead anything whilst we get to know one another.

I can't sit for long periods/standing is a problem and I sometimes need the toilet...often.

No problem. If you need to get up and walk around do so. We try to have parts of the worship service where people can stand if they are able. Most of our chapels also have chairs with arms to help people get into and out of seats.

If people are not able to stand or come to the Communion rail, that is okay too- we will come to you. If you need the loo, don't suffer! No one will be looking at you if you need to move around or use the loo during the service.

Bayston Hill offers a short Communion Service on the first Wednesday of the month and some people find this an easier service to attend. It is usually 30 minutes.

I don't know when to stand or sit and I don't know the hymns
Usually the worship leader will invite people to stand or sit. And don't worry about the hymns- some of us don't know them well either and we learn as we go.

What does Membership mean?
The Methodist Church of Great Britain offers Membership for those who seek to deepen their commitment to the church in the world, offering to live the The Methodist Way of Life. Membership is on a yearly basis and is to The Methodist Church of Great Britain through a local Society (a church). A Society may also have classes with in them (small groups).

We also have membership to the Community Roll which does not involve committments to The Methodist Church or Great Britain or commitments to live The Methodist Way of Life. Those on the Community Roll are a vital part of the church and many people on the Community Roll still offer to serve but without the commitments of being a Member.

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