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Bayston Hill Methodist Church
The Methodist Centre, Bayston Hill, Shropshire, SY3 0HZ
Contact: Rev'd James Eaton-Challinor
01743 260939
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James Eaton Challinor

Following the increase in Covid-19 rates in Shropshire and the announcement of the national lockdown in England in Bayston Hill Methodist Church will not be meeting in the building for worship until the overall situation has improved. This decision is based on Christ's command to love our neighbours which we take very seriously.

However although our building is closed the church most definitely isn't.

We join for online worship on a Sunday morning with the rest of the Circuit. This is available via Zoom (email for the meeting details) or via the Shrewsbury Methodists Facebook page.

Keep an eye on Shrewsbury Methodist's Facebook page for our most up to date news.

The present Methodist congregation at Bayston Hill was formed in 2010 by the uniting of an existing congregation in Bayston Hill with the majority of a congregation from St. John's Hill Methodist Church (Shrewsbury Town Centre). We have the shared desire of seeking the right vision and programme for developing our presence as a church in Bayston Hill, which is growing out of continuing prayer and conversation.

Our Sunday congregation is predominantly made up of older people, but it is one that welcomes innovation and experiment, as opportunity allows. Built on a spirituality that is sometimes described as 'traditional', or 'formal', we are also keen to find opportunities for people to explore worship in less formal styles.

In contrast to Sunday mornings:
Our "Praise & Play" congregation which meets twice monthly on a Wednesday morning (2nd and 4th Wednesday) is made up of carers and their babies and toddlers.

We look to God to guide us into a way of worship and spirituality that can embrace people of all ages and experiences, acknowledging that every person develops his or her own way of offering meaningful and sincere worship and should be able to do so within the common life of the Church.

Our Team

Rev. James Eaton-Challinor

Contact: Tel:01743 260939 email: Twitter @JamesChallinor

"I'm originally from Staffordshire but spent 15 years working in London and living in Essex. I trained part time for ministry at the South East Institute of Theological Education which was based in Southwark. I was stationed to the Shropshire and Marches Circuit in 2015, this being my first ministerial appointment. I spent the first three years based in Tenbury Wells with a number of small rural chapels in Worcestershire, Shropshire and Herefordshire.
In 2018 I moved up to Shrewsbury and I'm now the minister covering the whole of the town and also Bayston Hill and Bomere Heath.
I am passionate about equality and long to see a church where everyone truly is welcome irrespective of their gender, sexuality or race. For many Christianity is irrelevant and sometimes those in our churches seem to confirm that. So perhaps it's time we broke the mould and started again and demolish the walls of our buildings, the barriers that separate and make the good news known again.
I live with my husband Terry and our two beagles."

Dilys Jones is our Senior Church Steward and can be contacted via

The other Church Stewards are : Andy Carson, Chris Holman and Chris Kennett

To book rooms in our premises please contact Sandra Robinson via