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Churchyard Flower Service

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What is a Flower Service?
Twice a year we have a churchyard flower service where people with loved ones laid to rest bring some flowers, attend a short reflective time together, the flowers are blessed and then the flowers are placed on graves. We end our time together with some refreshments. Donations given are for the upkeep of the church yard.

Adopt a grave
Sometimes families move away from their home communities and family ancestors get lost in time. If you wish, you can adopt a grave. It doesn't need to be the same one every time and you can choose a grave that hasn't had flowers on it in a very long time.

A very powerful story has sparked this new tradition. Our minister's great uncle was taken as a POW in WW1 and his remains were never repatriated. His family moved away from that village and there are no descendants left in the area. Someone who knew of this man's fate, raised money to place a headstone in his honour and several people have adopted his grave. Our minister only discovered this in 2018 whilst doing some family tree research and her family is ever grateful that someone (it is still a mystery) has taken the time and care to adopt this grave on behalf of the family. If you adopt a grave, the family may never find out, but the love and care on behalf of another family is a touching gesture for all.

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