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S. MacNeill Cooper

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When the church was deciding where to station me, I requested a rural area and I have not been disappointed. I've been living in Shropshire since 2017 and before that on Iona in Scotland for a number of years. I have two decades experience in paid accountable ministry but I'm striving to live The Methodist Way of Life in the every day ordinary and all those I encounter. I'm a huge fan of the Vicar of Dibley and when compared to that character am quite happy for people to notice the resemblance!

My understanding of the Trinity is grounded in the Celtic Christian Tradition and expressed through Methodism. I tend to easily identify with the spiritually curious and therefore try to offer leadership that is an engaged spirituality whilst upholding those who still long for the 'Glory Days'. I'm passionate about the envrionment, equality, interfaith matters and worship and I love sharing with others why I am a student of Jesus.

I have oversight of Bayston Hill, Bomere Heath, Greenfields and Belle Vue Methodist Churches and can be found anywhere in between those places whilst offering a ministry of presence in the community or whereever God leads me at that particular time.

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