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Husband to Sara Windsor-Hides, I come from Leicester, graduated from Birmingham with a degree in medical biochemistry, then worked for six years for a firm of chartered accountants around London. After training for ministry at Wesley House, Cambridge, I served in ministry in North Manchester, then the Mid Glamorgan Mission where I became superintendent. Sensing God's call, we moved to Canada, where I was a minister in the United Church of Canada. We returned to the U.K. in 2004, and for the next nine years I was a minister in a U.R.C. Methodist Church that became part of the Wolverhampton Methodist Circuit. The next move took us to Aberystwyth for seven years, where I was Superintendent of the Ceredigion Circuit. Now I have moved to join Sara, based in the Knighton manse.
I seek to enable people to worship, to experience the Gospel of grace and to connect with God in ways that are relevant.
I enjoy listening to, composing and participating in music. I play the cello, piano and guitar, and like to sing. I particularly enjoy being a member of a symphony orchestra. We have three grown-up sons, a lovely daughter-in-law, and a beautiful granddaughter, Jemimah.


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