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I grew up in Sussex and after leaving school, spent several years working as a cabinet maker and furniture restorer. I went to a Methodist Church as a child, but after turning my back on the Christian faith, I discovered the joy and challenge of following Jesus in my late teens through school friends. In my mid-20's I began to discern a 'Call' to ordained ministry. 'This is not for me', I said! However, I came to realise I could not deny God's insistent invitation! I trained for ministry at Wesley College, Bristol before spending a year in Fort Worth, Texas. On returning to this country, I have served in the Medway Towns, Winchester, Bridport & Dorchester and Yeovil & Blackmore Vale Circuits.

I enjoy leading worship & preaching and enjoy being 'hands-on' and active. People tell me I have good interpersonal skills and relate well to people of all ages. I enjoy looking for the places where 'church' can be lived outside the walls of the building; have trained as a Spiritual Director; served as a Prison Chaplain (I have been told that 'behind bars' is the best place for me!). I have acted as a Superintendent Minister in three Circuits, but am content not to have that role in Shropshire & Marches. Over the years I have become increasingly concerned about, and committed to, issues around faith and the natural world — God is the God of Creation and Redemption. I love to celebrate the wonder, richness and diversity of God's world and people, but we are seeing more clearly just how fragile these things are.

I am married to Jean and we have three adult children, and one Grandchild. Other passions include... motorcycling (I have two bikes — one 'modern' and one vintage), sport, Radio 4, real ale, good food (but I choose not to eat meat), gardening (I do what Jean tells me!), theatre/cinema and, humour!


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