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Love Always – A short film for Easter

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empty tomb

Being human means things get broken.
Sometimes little things, like plant pots.
Sometimes big things, like hearts.
Some days, don't you just want to climb into a dark place and stay there?
Shutting ourselves away in a cave, with a heavy stone over the doorway, might seem kind of appealing every now and then.
But even when we feel lost, or sad, love remains.
Love always outlives pain, grief, even death itself.
The story of Easter is about just this.
They killed love off; they strung love up on a cross.
But love couldn't be contained by death.
Love broke out of the cave with the stone over the door.
The story of Easter isn't just about a man who lived and died and rose again two thousand years ago.
The story of Easter shows us that love is alive in us today.
Yes, sometimes we'll feel lonely, or lost, and things will get broken.
But love puts down roots in broken things, including you.

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