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Beautiful views, single track roads, tractors, cows and sheep are some of the things you will see in our area. At the heart of our community are a lot of farmers and many people have lived in this area most of their lives. The people in our community are usually connected in some way to the land. Usually people so close to the land have their own unique spirituality and for us in the Rea Valley we want to offer a spirituality that is theologically sound and reflects our context.

For us that means talking about issues like food justice, environmental issues, economics and a lot more but it also means that we recognise the tireless work that our farmers do to ensure their own living but also so that the world can be fed.


More photos coming soon!For the past few years we have worshipped very casually in a barn, celebrating the Good Shepherd along with blessing the new lambs and giving thanks to God for farmers and all their hard work. The service usually happens in April when the new lambs are just born so keep an eye out for our Lambing Service in 2020. We usually have updates on....

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We are looking to have a greater connection to agricultural life beyond that of Lambing Services and Harvest Festivals. We are hoping to have Rogation services, blessing of the animals and other activities as venues become available. If this is of interest to you, please keep an eye on this website or our....