Vron Gate Chapel is located in Vron Gate. Pastoral oversight of this chapel is with Revd. Shalome MacNeill Cooper,Methodist minister for the Rea Valley.

Vron Gate can be a bit tricky to find if it is your first visit but is located on the left hand side of the road coming from Westbury on approach, and is very close to a house next to it. Parking is on the road only. The Chapel has one small step to enter the church and most people with walking aids can manage the step.

Vron Gate is often host to some very good musicians who provide worship music. Worship services usually happen in the evening. In the darker months of the year we worship mid afternoon.

Vron Gate is host to our annual Lambing Service when we gather in a barn with some lambs, sing some songs, hear some stories and enjoy a BBQ (and usually some delicious homemade meringues, too!).

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