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What is Celtic Spirituality?

The answer to that question depends on who you ask as Celtic spirituality does not take one codified form.The Celts inhabited Britain a very long time ago and orginally came from modern day Spain and the Celtic lands. Celtic Spirituality is a difficult spirituality to define because it adapted to the context in which it found itself. Context is at the basis of the Methodist tradition.

Some Celtic traditions areneo paganic in nature but there is a thread of Celtic Spirituality that has emerged out ofearly Christianity before Romanisation of Britain. Some forms of Celtic Christianity have a "Romanised" Celtic spirituality, which very much looks like a traditional Roman Catholic or Church of England format using Celtic Language. Others still, like the Iona Community or the Northumbria Community have their own understanding and expression. Others may be inspired by the New Age Movement. For Celtic Christians, Columba, a monk and saint from Ireland who lived on Iona in Scotland, said to the Druids, "Christ is my druid."

Celtic Christianity no matter what form it takes, is seeing the Divine incarnated in the person of Jesus Christ, the Divine revelation in nature and creation (and care of it) and the interconnectedness of human beings to each other, nature and to God.

Celtic Spirituality in the Rea Valley
What we offer here is an oral tradition passed down over generations and have been practised as a home religion (usually in barns) because for a long time, practicing anything other than the established church was illegal. The words used, rituals, symbols and space all reveal something about God to each of us. This means that anyone who is a Seeker, Agnostic, Spiritual or an undefined spirituality can easily be part of a spiritual experience. It does not have dogma or doctrine, nor does it have rules, regulations or restrictions. Interestingly, Celtic spirituality is a strong kin to the Methodist tradition.

From time to time Scots Gaelic words are used but always accompanied by and English translation.

Monthly Celtic Worship
At this time we are testing the waters to see if there is an interest in exploring 30-45 minute Celtic worship on a monthly basis (it doesn't need to be a Sunday).

If you are interested in a monthly Celtic Worship service, please express interest to our minister at shalome.macneill-cooper@methodist.org.uk or contact us on this website.

We are able to explore this aspect of spiritual life if only a few are interested so there won't be any minimum number (but a few would be great!) to start a monthly worship. We are also not limited to one location and can move to any chapel of the Methodist chapels in the Rea Valley area.


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