Stiperstones Methodist Chapel is part of the Shropshire and Marches Circuit as part of the Methodist Church of Great Britain. The land and building was donated to the Methodist Church and the property is entrusted to, maintained, and operated by the Rea Valley Methodist cluster as a chapel and retreat centre. As we do not have a congregation our only income is from lettings, which does not cover the cost of maintaining the car park.

Recently, there has been some property damage due to heavy use of the car park, which has required us to create some terms and conditions for parking while respecting the needs of the community and our legal obligations. A notice stating this information has been placed in the car park on three occasions and has been removed by someone other than representatives of the chapel.

We hope that people will cooperate with these conditions as we do not want to close the car park, but may need to reconsider if conditions are not respected.

The future of the availability of the car park for short term parking- a few hours is entirely dependant upon the community respecting these guidelines, which have been carefully considered with mutual respect for the community and the Methodist Chapel. We recognise that the property has not been used to the full potential, however, there is a growing demand for chapel use.

Therefore the car park is private parking and reserved only for those attending chapel events or have hired the chapel.

Parking here for a few hours is possible with prior arrangement. Please contact Revd. MacNeill Cooper at 01743 791 267 or by email at to see if the car park may be available for a few hours on a particular day. You may also email us on our contact page.

If you park in the car park during a scheduled event, one risks being blocked in because those arriving may not know the cars parked there are not part of the group. We may or may not be in the building if you need to move your car. In the past we have advertised when the church requires use of the car park but we have many events and bookings over the coming months and we are unable to publish all the times we require parking as they are subject to change at short notice.

Thank you for your cooperation.