We worship most weeks at Minsterley and sometimes we gather with our other churches in a different location so be sure to check our service times which can be found on our main church page.

It takes a lot of courage to come to church for the first time or the first time in a long time. Sometimes people are having a difficult time in life and come to church during that period and for others it is part of their weekly routine. If you are having a difficult time, please be assured that someone in the church is likely experienced something similar to what you are going through so please don't feel you will be judged for your circumstance. Or life is going really well for you and you want to express your gratitude in a faith community and share the blessings!

We believe that there is room for faith, doubt, questions and exploration about the nature of God as revealed in humanity. We also believe that there is a place for science, philosophy and reason within the frame work of our faith. We also welcome more creative aspects of life and believe there is a place for art and creativity. Our worship is reflective of our communities and often includes a relationship with the farming community.

Our worship varies from the traditional to the exploratory, and leaves room for silence, reflection, thought provoking prayers and sermons as well as soul rousing music. We also have special services in the Celtic Christian Tradition.

We are not here to judge you and we are not here to tell you how to live life. What we do offer is an engaged spirituality with Jesus at the centre. This can look within the traditions of the church but also explore developing theologies that seek the more mystical aspects of Jesus teachings.

We also strive to have the Bible and the modern world in conversation with each other, as we believe that the nature of humanity we see today is also reflected in the Bible. For us this is not only a moral teaching but a means to become more spiritually evolved people that can change the world for the better.

Our chapels are not limited to Sunday worship services. We are working towards offering different ways of being church while maintaining our Christian identity. This could mean shorter and more focussed worship services through the week that include prayers for healing or social justice services.


What should I wear?
We get asked this question a lot! Dress as you like. Some people dress up and others come as they are. What matters is you are comfortable. As our minister's grandmother used to say, "God doesn't care what you wear, as long as you're there."

I'm not a member. Can I take Communion?
Yes. Anyone who professes their faith in Jesus Christ (even a faith that is developing or being questioned) is welcome to take Communion.

Why do Methodists not serve alcholic wine? Jesus drank wine, so why don't Methodists serve wine?
We serve wine that does not have alcohol because we believe that Communion should be available for all. Some folks struggle with how much alcohol they consume. We want to include everyone and we want our chapels to be a place where there is no alcohol so that folks who have struggled with addictions in the past do not have anxiety about how to receive Communion. This is a concern for equality and inclusivity.

I'm part of the LGBTQ+ Community. Can I come to church?
Yes, you certainly can and you are welcomed. Whilst the Methodist Church does not currently offer same sex marriages at this time, all are welcome at our chapels, regardless of sexual orientation.

I'm scientifically minded. Is there room for my understanding of science in your chapel?
Yes and you may be surprised to find out that our minister often incorporates science into sermons. In the past we have talked about Quantum Mechanics, String Theory and lots of other science in a way that is understandable but also relates to faith and exploration. Don't worry, for those who are not scientifically minded, we make science relatable and easy to understand. There is a whole movement called Scientists in Congregations, too!

I'm not sure what I believe. Can I still come to chapel? I don't want to be judged.
No one wants to be judged! Our chapels have room for doubt, curiosity about faith, questions, developing faith and wherever you may be on your faith journey. We offer an opportunity to explore spirituality and ask the big questions of life.

I want to support the church but I can't always attend. How can I help?
There are lots of ways to support the church. Of course, we would love for you to join us for worship services and events, but if you are unable, you can help us in many ways.
Pray for us and our leaders/minister. Prayer supports us in unseen ways and we depend on them.
Donate your resources-we are always looking for an extra person to help set up special events or hospitality. You can also donate your time with helping to maintain our buildings if so inclined. Sharing our website or Facebook page also helps us, too. We also accept financial donations as well. Please contact the minister for more information.

I want to come to church but I can't stand seeing Christians being hypocritical.
Neither can we! We acknowledge that there have been situations where people who identify as Christians have displayed some questionable behaviour and we are equally appalled by inappropriate behaviour by other Christians. In some cases, Christians have committed serious abuse while holding power in the church. We believe that these situations require accountability- in legal courts and within the church. All our leaders are safeguarded and are also accountable to one another for our behaviour. Our chapels are striving to be places of welcome, honesty and transparency in our daily lives. When we fail to live our Christian life, it affects the whole body of Christ and the image of Christians around the world. We hope that you will not paint us all with the same brush and be open minded to explore who we are as church.

I want to come to church but there is someone I know that I don't like that attends your church.
Jesus doesn't say we have to like our neighbour, he says we have to love them. We all have people that we don't like or perhaps had a 'run in' in the community in the past, especially in our smaller communities. If this situation is keeping you from coming to church, consider coming anyway, not allowing that situation to taint your experience what the church offers. You might be surprised at what healing could occur. Churches are not immune to broken relationships. We are not a hotel for saints, but a hospital of broken people. And all are welcome.


Every year we have worship services that happen on certain Sundays or other days through the week. January we usually have our Covenant Service, a tradition that dates back to John Wesley's time whereby we renew our relationshiph with God. Often times other churches join us in this service. This is also a service where we welcome New Members. For the next date, please see our....