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James Eaton Challinor

I'm originally from Staffordshire but spent 15 years working in London and living in Essex. I trained part time for ministry at the South East Institute of Theological Education which was based in Southwark. I was stationed to the Shropshire and Marches Circuit in 2015, this being my first ministerial appointment. I spent the first three years based in Tenbury Wells with a number of small rural chapels in Worcestershire, Shropshire and Herefordshire. In 2018 I moved up to Shrewsbury and since May 2021 I have joint pastoral charge with Rev Shalome MacNeill-Cooper of the Methodist Churches in Shrewsbury, Bayston Hill, Bomere Heath and the Rea Valley.

I am passionate about equality and long to see a church where everyone truly is welcome irrespective of their gender, sexuality or race. For many Christianity is irrelevant and sometimes those in our churches seem to confirm that. So perhaps its time we broke the mould and started again and demolish the walls of our buildings, the barriers that separate and make the good news known again.

I live with my husband Terry and our two beagles.

I can be reached at revjamesec@outlook.com or follow me on Twitter @JamesChallinor


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