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We believe that there is room for faith, doubt, questions and exploration about the nature of God as revealed in humanity. We also believe that there is a place for science, philosophy and reason within the frame work of our faith. We also welcome more creative aspects of life and believe there is a place for art and creativity. Our worship is reflective of our communities and often includes a relationship with the farming community.

Our worship varies from the traditional to the exploratory, and leaves room for silence, reflection, thought provoking prayers and sermons as well as soul rousing music.

We are not here to judge you and we are not here to tell you how to live life. What we do offer is an engaged spirituality with Jesus at the centre. This can look within the traditions of the church but also explore developing theologies that seek the more mystical aspects of Jesus teachings.

We also strive to have the Bible and the modern world in conversation with each other, as we believe that the nature of humanity we see today is also reflected in the Bible. For us this is not only a moral teaching but a means to become more spiritually evolved people that can change the world for the better.

Our chapels are not limited to Sunday worship services. We are working towards offering different ways of being church while maintaining our Christian identity. This could mean shorter and more focussed worship services through the week that include prayers for healing or social justice services.

We are trying to continue to build on our relationship with other denominations in the area and look forward to new ways of sharing with one another in fellowship.


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