Worthen Chapel is located in Worthen, with a stunning view of the Callows, not far from the village hall and the local shop.

Pastoral oversight of this chapel is with Revd. Shalome MacNeill Cooper, Methodist minister for the Rea Valley.

Limited parking is available at the side of the chapel and parking is permitted on the road. Please do not block the sidewalk. This building is fully accessible for all abilities.

We have an equipped kitchen and chapel rental is available. Please contact us at 01743 791 267 or shalome.macneill-cooper@methodist.org.uk for enquiries.

Worthen Chapel is a welcoming space, with worship services offered mostly in the evenings. During the darker months of the year we worship mid afternoon.

In such serene surroundings, it is hard not to embrace the heavy silence peppered through out our worship services as a way to reflect and be still.

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