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Our next Celtic services will be on November 1st, 7pm, 2019 for Samhain/All Saints and another in early February for Imbolc/St. Brigid.
Our Celtic Christmas service will be on December 21st at 7pm, 2019.

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These services are very different from traditional church services as they are steeped in the Hebridean Celtic Christian Tradition, in which our minister was raised. This tradition is an oral tradition and the ceremonies and rituals used are based on those traditions not found in any book and are meant to be a form of language itself, teaching and guiding but also responding to the Divine.

The Celtic Christian tradition is a theologically sound and old way of being Christian but also appeals to Seekers and those who seek a cosmological spirituality not bound to any particular denomination.

Celtic Christmas usually happens as close to the new moon in December as possible.

Celebrations are usually held on or around
February 1st
May st
August 1st
November 1st


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