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Cafe Breakfast is a time when we gather together in our chapel hall on a Sunday morning. This is a more relaxed form of gathering and is different from other worship services. A lot of people like to attend this service rather than a traditional service and it has a great sense of community that comes with it.

Cafe Church is part of an emerging church movement across the world that offers an alternative to usual worship. "Café Church revolves around open discussion, creative expression and alternative approaches to worship. Our core values include hospitality, creativity, discipleship and social and environmental justice" Please see this link for the citation

We usually offer bacon baps (or butties depending on where you are from!), and lots of tea and coffee. This is free of charge and there is a retiring offering accepted for those who wish to contribute.

Our format for the time being usually involves singing some hymns selected by those gathered, a Bible story and a short reflection as well as prayers. From time to time we do have table discussions and we hope to keep to the philosophy of Cafe Church by incorporating more of that.

Intersted in attending a Cafe Church service? Please see our main page for service times or search here for Pontesbury


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