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Every year we have worship services that happen on certain Sundays or other days through the week.

January we usually have our Covenant Service, a tradition that dates back to John Wesley's time whereby we renew our relationshiph with God. Often times other churches join us in this service. This is also a service where we welcome New Members. For the next date, please see our news section.

Longest Night/Blue Christmas happens on or around December 21st and is a quiet reflective service for people who are bereaved, going through a difficult time, feel alone or sad or just feel pressured to feel joy near Christmas. Many people have found this service very helpful in processing their emotions and it is not limited to Christians and the service is seeker and athiest friendly. For the next date, please see our news section.

Celtic Worship. We offer Celtic worship at the Turning of the Celtic Wheel of the Year (February 1st, May 1st, August 1st, November 1st) on or around those times. These services are held in various chapels that are part of our society and are grounded in the Celtic Christian Tradition. They are often very different from church services as the Celtic Tradition's rituals and form were usually held in homes. We use the Celtic Model of Mission which is much like Connexionalism which is a very connected and organic model for being church.

Advance notice of these events are usually in community newsletters or by visiting here


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