If you have experienced a bereavement please accept our sincere condolances. If we can be of help to you please contact us at 01743 791 267.

We do offer funerals in our chapel and work closely with funeral directors. We encourage you to contact our minister prior to booking reception venues to ensure that the date you request is available in the minister's diary. We do our best to accomodate your needs when possible.

Pre Planning Funerals

It is a difficult subject to think about, but if something happened to you would your family or friends know your wishes?

If you wish to pre plan your funeral with us (or with another church/chapel/funeral home) we have an upcoming workshop that helps people think about information that is useful to your loved ones and the people providing your funeral. This is open to anyone regardless of faith or creed and you are not committed to having your funeral with us or anyone else. It is an opportunity to think about what you would like for your funeral and then leave the information with your family, a minister, a funeral director or someone else. This a free workshop and lasts about a half an hour.

Our next funeral planning workshop will be September 24th, 2019 at 7:30pm at Stiperstones Methodist Chapel.

For information about Funerals please contact our minister for more information. or fill out the contact form.

Why do ministers charge fees for weddings and funerals? What are the costs?
Ministers are highly trained and skilled professionals. In some cases ministers have two or more university degrees and specialised training. Planning and doing a wedding or funeral often takes about 15 hours or more and includes meeting with the people, resourcing liturgy and music, phone calls, planning and submitting legal documents. This is in addition to the 6 day work week dedicated to the local chapels. The fees are considered honorariums to show appreciation for the minister's time, education and work. While we do provide a ministry that is considered part of the life and work of the church for weddings and funerals, ministers and vicars charge fees that reflect their professional skills. The minister's fee for a funeral are the usually same as the Church of England.
Each chapel will have a fee for the use of the chapel and each musician will have a different fee and a fee for the use of the cemetery for burial of ashes or remains. Fees for the use of the chapel are used for the life and work of the church.