Can I get married in one of your chapels?
We do offer marriages in some of our chapels and the minister for those chapels is registered to do weddings. If you are considering getting married in one of our chapels, please consult the minister before booking any reception venues, photographers or other aspects of wedding planning as the Minister has set times of the year for Conferences, Synod and other church business and are not available. Please contact the minister approximately one year before your anticipated date if possible. In some cases, short notice marriages are possible, so speak to the Minister if this is your circumstance. Please contact us to find out Minister fees, musician fees and chapel fees. The Minister may also wish to meet with you a few times for some marriage preparation (even if you are already in a civil partnership or living together).

Can we use your chapel and a different minister?
As the minister of the chapels is registered to those chapels, it is possible to have another minister present for the ceremony and have full participation with the minister for that chapel. In this situation, the ceremony would have two ministers presiding. The minister registered for the chapel must be present and must sign the register.

Can same sex marriages occur in your chapels?
The Methodist Church agreed in July 2021 that same-sex marriage could take place in Methodist Churches but the final decision is made by the local church itself. At present the members of Rea Valley Methodist Church haven't made a final decision on this issue. However both Ministers are fully supportive of equal marriage and there are Methodist Churches in Shrewsbury that are in the process of registering to conduct same-sex marriages. If you're interested in getting married in a local Methodist Church please contact one of the ministers and we can discuss where this could happen.

Why do ministers charge fees for weddings and funerals? What are the costs?
Ministers are highly trained and skilled professionals. In some cases ministers have two or more university degrees and specialised training. Planning and doing a wedding or funeral often takes about 15 hours or more and includes meeting with the people, resourcing liturgy and music, phone calls, planning and submitting legal documents. This is in addition to the 6 day work week dedicated to the local chapels. The fees are considered honorariums to show appreciation for the minister's time, education and work. While we do provide a ministry that is considered part of the life and work of the church for weddings and funerals, ministers and vicars charge fees that reflect their professional skills. The minister's fee for a funeral are the usually same as the Church of England.
Each chapel will have a fee for the use of the chapel and each musician will have a different fee and a fee for the use of the cemetery for burial of ashes or remains. Fees for the use of the chapel are used for the life and work of the church.


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