Welcome to Our Site!

Welcome to the Shropshire & Marches Methodist Circuit website.

With the help of Jason Curtis a member at one of our churches, the Circuit has been able to put together this brilliant site which will guide you through our very large Circuit. By using the tabs accross the top you can navigate your way through and find out how we are and how we came to be.

We hope you enjoy finding out about our Ministers, churches and exploring what we have to offer.

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3 comments on “Welcome to Our Site!
  1. Philip Harmer says:

    Dear Jason & Kayleigh,

    At last! Wonderful to see our Circuit website up and running. It’s exactly what we all wanted and I will make sure the address is made known locally.

    The plan is excellent and really the final part of the jigsaw. Now we can all know what the others are doing.

    However I know the real challenge will be keeping it up to date.

    Best wishes,

    Philip Harmer (Craven Arms Methodist Church)

  2. Clementine says:

    Is this still alive? What is happening? Where? Re ‘problem’ of only having ‘old people’in church, one minister asked of me, “What can we do?”. The minister should know!!!

    • deborah says:

      Dear Clementine,

      Yes, this is very much still alive. At our next Circuit Meeting 26/01/16 we will be discussing how church members “young” and “old” can be involved in the church presence on Social Media. The “problem” to be addressed, rather that concerning how to attract young(er) people towards church (although we must necessarily continue in this,) is how to best include and harness the resources currently accessible but much underused in our churches.
      We are planning a series of How To workshops aimed at church clusters, through which websites, Facbebook pages and Social Media accounts will established and maintained to publicise “What is happening and where?”
      Encourage your church members to get involved.

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