Circuit 5 Year Plan

In December 2011, a small team from the Shropshire and Marches Circuit began working towards a process of producing a 5 year Circuit Plan to give support to, and shape development for the future of the Circuit.

After various meetings the group came up with a fishbone diagram which illustrated the direction the 5 year plan would go.

On 21st June 2012, the Circuit Meeting were shown a presentation detailing the steps and stages the 5 year plan would take:


Our aim / goal

To continue to build the Circuit as a network of

  • Local
  • Faithful
  • Worshipping & caring communities

Working in neighbourhoods

  • Ecumenically, where possible.

Supported by a staff team of nine ministers and administrative support


Our focus

Vision, growth & development

– being open to change

Mission & evangelism

– Looking for, joining in with and demonstrating the activity of God

Prayer & spirituality

– Living in the presence of God


Our Pathway

STEP ONE – September 2012

Commitment to the focus and goal

STEP TWO – Year 1 – 2012 – 2013

Establishing the baseline

  • Listing current activities and resources:
    • Each cluster engaging in conversations with the circuit stewards and staff team
  • Within each cluster, defining the aim and purpose in the locality in which the worshipping centres are set:
    • by joining in conversation with each other and with those with whom we work alongside, both in the community and in partner churches
  • Building a viable pastoral foundation and framework throughout the circuit involving ministerial and lay people.

STEP THREE – YEARS 2-4 – 2013/14/15/16

Working out development as a common programme throughout the circuit

  • Each cluster, and each circuit group (Preachers, Training, Youth work, MWIB, circuit meeting/executive etc.), working towards fulfilling the purpose defined in YEAR 1
  • Undertaking steps in each programme area
    • Vision and Growth,
    • Mission and Evangelism,
    • Prayer and Spirituality
  • Undertaking projects and training in each programme area
  • Choosing at least one programme or development project in each of the three years

YEAR 5 – 2016 – 2017

Review – planning for the next stage.



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